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‘Nepal- Resilience and Reasons’ – A photography Exhibition by Abir Abdullah

Earthquake in Nepal‘Nepal- Resilience and Reasons’ – A photography Exhibition by Abir Abdullah. The exhibition will be jointly inaugurated by eminent architect-poet Rabiul Hossain, renowned photographer Nasir Ali Mamun and Associated Press (AP) Breau Chief Julhas Alam, on 05 June at 5:30 pm at gallery Chitrak in Dhanmondi Road 6, Dhaka. The exhibition will continue until 11 June for all from 10am to 8pm everyday.

Vennue: Gallery Chitrak, House 4, Road 6, Dhanmondi

Date: 05 June 2015, Friday Time: 5:30pm

The world watched, horrified by the destruction of human lives and property. Beautiful and historical temples, towers and valleys were transformed to ruins.

The quake was felt as far as some places in India and in Bangladesh. Fear, worry and concern spread like wildfire and the sobering statistics that followed heightened disbelief and panic.

The 55 seconds quake killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 18,000 all over Nepal.

Bangladesh did not remain a quiet bystander. Relief was sent. Journalists and photographers rushed from here too. Abir Abdullah was one of them arriving in Nepal on the second day of the quake to cover the devastation as a photojournalist.

He witnessed the fear and tear of the people who lost their loved ones, families and neighbours. He travelled major affected areas documenting the catastrophe of nature and the struggles of the surviving people. His eyes and his camera recorded once again how defenseless we humans are against the forces of nature.

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