Nepal salutes Bangladesh

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Nepal salutes Bangladesh!

Nepal salutes Bangladesh. Young Bangladeshi businessman Tanvirul Arafin Lincoln was today presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Government of Nepal for his efforts to help the people of Nepal following the devastating earthquake of April 26.

Tanvirul was among the first group of volunteers from Bangladesh, and around the world, to help Nepal. He organized and co-ordinated medical supplies and services in the region of Sindhupalchok that was sponsored by Prof. Haroun Ur Rashid of Independent University, Dhaka.

“Without the help and support of my Nepalese team of medical friends, nothing would have been accomplished. They share this honour with me,” he said. “From the moment the earthquake struck, their daily lives came to an abrupt halt and were put on hold. They left their families, rushed to the area to join with me in giving help without a second thought.

“I’m very proud of the Bangladesh Embassy in Kathmandu for the admirable roll it played in our mercy mission. Among other valuable assistance, it provided sound, practical advice and a huge tent that became the headquarters, clinic, and sleeping quarters for my team of ten. It maintained regular contact throughout for updates and to see if other assistance was needed,” he said.

Tanvirul is MD and CEO of Your Bangla Tour a company that specializes in taking foreign tourists to the Sundarbans and Hill Tract Districts where he has built schools for disadvantaged children. He gave a special thank you to Prof. Haroun Ur Rashid, who was the sole financial sponsor of the mercy mission.

Mr Pramod Dahal, a local Nepalese businessman and CEO of Columbus Travel & Tours, who gave practical support to the mercy mission, said he was proud of the Nepalese government for so quickly recognizing the valuable contribution Bangladeshi volunteers have made towards the rebuilding of Nepal.

“Through compassionate, hard-working volunteers like Tanvirul helping in our time of crisis and devastation, Bangladesh has shown a lot of love for its sister neighbour and not only do we appreciate this, but we will never forget it,” he said.

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