First Newspaper of Bangladesh

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First Newspaper of Bangladesh

The Daily Azadi (Dainik Azadi) is the first newspaper of Independent Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh got independence on 16th December in 1971. After that day, that means 17th December only one newspaper was published in Bangladesh. The name of that newspaper is Dainik Azadi! This day their lead news-story title was “Joy Bangla, Banglar Joy”.

We review with respects the founder of The Daily Azadi, Al-haj Muhammed Abdul Khaleque Engineer (1898-1962), a committed and far-located inventive virtuoso, regularly regarded as ‘Engineer Shahib’. Conceived in a refined and prestigious group of the town of Sultanpur under Raozan p.s. of the area Chittagong in Bangladesh. He was the first Engineer around the Muslims of Chittagong. Anyway the protected life of a Government Officer couldn’t fulfill his imaginative virtuoso. This printing press saw the distribution adequate of valuable books as well as the ‘Weekly Kohinoor’ in 1952 under his editorship.

Engineer Muhammed Abdul Khaleque strongly and effectively directed this quiet daily paper against diverse chances, weight and intimidation. History of Bangladesh grasped this Daily as her reliable friend in all the just developments and additionally national liberation battle.

Daily Azadi first issue

The Daily Azadi assumed an unsafe verifiable part against the then Pakistani dictator General Ayub Khan, in generally known people groups upsurge of 1969, and additionally in the turmoil some time of 1970 decision and liberation war in the year of 1971. The Daily Azadi was the first of its caring distributed as day by day since the rise of free and sovereign Bangladesh.

Currently Azadi being edited by Mohammad Abdul Malek (M. A. Malek). His son Wahid Malek is Managing Editor of this popular newspaper. Almost forty thousand copy they published in a day and all has been sold out.

A lot of re-known journalists was engaged there and presently also they have enthusiastic journalists. These journalists are very much committed to the local people as Dainik Azadi is a local that means regional publication in the port-city Chittagong.

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