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Norway is among the top listed countries having press freedom. Even though a lot of them are privately controlled, still the government provides support. The country also has a vast amount of radio and television services, controlled by both the state and also privately owned. The social media scene is also very active, about at least 23 percent of the population uses Facebook.
Although there are some journalists that are more inclined to favor a certain political party over the other, and such journalists may have higher chances of getting jobs when the party they favored goes into power. It’s quite a similar situation in related countries. It also consists of at least 82 newspaper in both daily and non-daily circulation. Although the relationship of the newspapers with the political parties was assumed to be old, that in the modern times they don’t have any ties to one other. Norway has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. This also explains why it has the highest circulation and consumption of newspapers in the world. The newspapers print both about the conditions of the locals in the country and also about international issues. The newspapers alone bring in ad receipts of around 5 million Kroners.
There was a time when commercials weren’t allowed on the radio, although that issue has resolved later and now they mostly run using the funds from the commercials. But the most important media for the Norway public and audiences is the television. The television channels are both distributed via cable and also through a satellite dish. Foreign channels like BBC, CNN are also available for the public.
Television media is also quite a profitable business as revenues stream on from advertising, distribution, subscriptions and also available through the internet. Almost everyone, above 90% of the population have internet access. The general media had to get into the new atmosphere and adapt to it so that the newspapers, television programs, radio programs are also available online and they can still profit running these media companies. These media companies have also moved into the social network sites for wider program distribution and also advertising and promotions.

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