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Opportunities leading up to Climate Change COP21 in Paris

Several opportunities that you may be interested in – we’re really hopeful that a lot of Pacific islands submissions and entries will be put forward in these two opportunities, if you know of people that may be interested, please share this information along.

2015 Adopt a Negotiator COP 21 Team

This is an initiative that provides fellowships to send participants to the Climate Change COP21 in Paris this year to track the negotiations. It is part of the Climate Tracker Program that aims to support young and passionate people eager to write about the most important climate issues affecting their country. This includes a series of trainings with leading climate change communicators, journalists, strategists and practitioners working on the front lines. It also offers editorial support, workshops on pitching, and directly helps you reach out to some of the biggest media in your country, and the world. In 2014 young people from over 70 countries joined the Climate Tracker program and together they published close to 400 articles in mainstream media around the world, all calling for stronger action on climate change. Fellowships were awarded to some of the most influential participants who were sent to Lima to track the COP 20 climate negotiations.
For more information on this please visit:

UNFCCC Momentum for Change Award

Note applications for this closes on 24 April. This shines a light on the most innovative, scalable and replicable examples of what people around the world are doing to tackle climate change. Those that can apply are organisations, communities, cities, businesses, governments and others that are taking concrete action on climate change. Note that there are four key areas in this – Urban Poor, Women for Results, Financing for Climate Friendly Investment and ICT Solutions.
For more information on this please visit:

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