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PPP projects are imperative to achieve SDGs

​The participants at an international Dialogue held in the UN headquarters conversed on a consensus that the Public Private Partnership (PPP) would be critical to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

​The day-long Dialogue titled “Global PPP initiatives in post 2015: Financing Development Projects” was jointly organized by the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the UN, a non-resident Bangladeshi organization Global NRB USA and a US-based consulting and event management company FICS to find out ways to increase financing to achieve post-2015 SDGs in the developing countries.

​The post-2015 SDGs will be adopted at the UN summit that would be held from 25-27 September in New York. Some 169 targets under 17 goals is expected to be finalized, which would be implemented in Developed, Developing and Least Developed Countries within a span of 15 years up to 2030. Experts consider the SDGs are being framed as the transition of the MDGs that were adopted in 2000 with a target to achieve eight social goals by 2015 mostly in the LDCs.

​Presided over by the permanent representative of Bangladesh Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen, the morning session was participated by the State Minister for Health Zahid Malek, President of FICS USA Tafazzul Karim, representative of the UN development policy and analysis division William Van der Geest, management consultant Dr. Mahbubul Joarder, representatives of the UN member states, UN officials, entrepreneurs and international experts.

​Urging foreign investors to invest more in Bangladesh, the State Minister elaborated the scopes and opportunities that are prevailing in Bangladesh for FDI. He said, Bangladesh has proved as a vibrant economy which has been resilient to global economic recession. It has maintained 6.2 percent GDP growth rate on average since 2009 with a market of more than 55 million people.

He said, infrastructure, textile, garments, food processing, ceramics, leather, ICT, pharmaceutical raw materials is the prospective sectors for FDI.

​Zahid Malik said, services sector, including hotel, hospital, and human resource development initiatives would be potential PPP projects. He said, the government is creating scopes for more investment in the EPZs and economic zones are being developed for accommodating more foreign investment. Plenty of the available workforce is an additional strength to attract labor-intensives industries, he added.

​Dr. Momen said, Bangladesh is successful in achieving MDGs without sufficient ODA and ready to take challenge to implement the upcoming SDGs as the Government has targeted to convert Bangladesh as a middle-income country by 2021 and at the stage of developed world by 2041. To ensure successful achievement of SDGs especially for the LDCs, he outlined a number of measures to be taken by the developed and emerging economies, including substantial increases of meaningful ODA, awarding duty-free and quota-free market access to all products of LDCs, reducing cost of migration and remittance transfer, increasing FDI, strengthening South-South cooperation and implementing PPP projects.

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