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How to protect Email from hackers?

We highly recommend that you use a very strong password for your email address. If someone can hack your account — your loss will be too great to calculate. So be careful!

Sometimes coming up with a secure password can be pretty difficult. Here is a list of ideas to help come up with good passwords:

1. Use Different Character Classes – Many systems require that your password be from a variety of character classes. The letters a to z are one character class, A to Z is another, 0 to 9 is another, and the symbols are a fourth. In general the more character classes you use in your password, the more secure it is. So ‘guitar’ is less secure than GuiTar which is less secure than Gu1T&r. You can make a password much more secure by mixing different types of characters. Use some uppercase letters along with lowercase letters, numbers and even special characters such as ‘&’ or ‘%’.

2. Use Letters from a Phrase – Use the first letter from each word in a phrase, line from a song, etc. ‘There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.’ could become Tahitbots.

3. Take a word (for example, money), spell it backwards (yenom) and put your birth date in between. Say you were born February 5, 1974. So it would be yfebe5n19o74m. Hard to remember, yes, but also nearly impossibly to crack.

4. Use More Than One Word – Single word passwords are easy to break. If a hacker runs a program to try a bunch of words from the dictionary they shouldn’t be able to figure out your password. Choose words that you will remember, but that someone else won’t be able to guess. So a password like shinynail or flyingrock or tallwater are more secure than single word passwords.Email Sign Logo

5. Choose two objects from a picture that you’ll always remember. For example: a drawing at your grandparents house, the illustration from a children’s book, a painting at an art museum, etc.

6. Choose two terms from a memorable purchase. For example: bluev6 (first car), thinibm (first computer), gold3crt (engagement ring), 7ftgrand (piano), pinedoor (first house), sunshore (honeymoon destination).

7. Look through a catalog and choose terms based on something you see in there.

8. Look up a random article on Wikipedia and choose a word found or related to a word you find in the article.

9. Separate Your Two Words With Symbols and Numbers- For example: pine&1&door, kit!2!cat, etc.

10. Keyboard Patterns – Creating terms from rows of adjacent keys. 12345 is not very good, but ][po combined in the ways specified above can make for a secure password that would be very difficult to guess and is fast to type.

11. Do not use personal information. You should never use personal information as a part of your password. It is very easy for someone to guess things like your last name, pet’s name, child’s birth date and other similar details.

12. For even more security, try to use ‘nonsense words.’ Combine these with numbers to make memorable, secure passwords. For example, ‘brickbeak9468.’

Above all, do not tell anybody your password. Somebody could overhear you, or the person you told could let it slip. Also, do not write your password anywhere where it might be seen or found.

We also suggest that you secure your home computer by using an up-to-date anti-virus program; if you already use an anti-virus program, download and try a different anti-virus program, which may scan for different issues.

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