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Rohingya community will demonstrate in Berlin, Germany on 28th October

Rohingya community will demonstrate in Berlin, Germany. The demonstration to be held in front of the Burmese (Myanmar) Embassy in Berlin 28th October 2016.

General Secretary of The European Rohinga Council (ERC) Mohammed Ibrahim said, the situation of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Rakhine State is quickly worsening. Following an alleged attack on police posts along the border with Bangladesh, the Myanmar government has deployed troops to the north region of Rakhine State.

Despite the lack of evidence, Rohingya were declared guilty of the attacks and the army has taken massive measures against them.
The military has killed unarmed Rohingya, burned villages and mosques and made arbitrary arrests.

More than 15,000 people have been displaced and violence and persecution against the Rohingya minority are occurring on a daily basis. Reports of army abuses and violence are corroborated by our contacts in Rakhine State and also by other activist groups. No aid workers or journalists are allowed to visit the region.

We fear that the intensifying of the violence is a strategic move by the military and the Buddhist extremist movement in order to militarily occupy Rakhine State and to destabilize the country and the new government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

In order to follow this purpose the army has made allegations about the existence of a Rohingya armed group which is supposed to have link with transnational Islamist groups. Thanks to the evidence we have collected we are sure that this “evidence” has been fabricated by the army.

Furthermore, the destabilization of Rakhine State will not allow the UN Commission guided by Kofi Annan to investigate and address the Rohingya plight and human rights situation in Rakhine properly.

In early May 2016 the government of Myanmar under Aung San Suu Kyi banned the term “Rohingya”. The government stated that the term will be avoided because it would be an emotionally charged term. Instead, the Rohingya are now to be referred to as “people who believe in Islam”. This is not only absurd, but also highly dangerous. Ethnic identity is being mixed up with religious beliefs.

This gives the wrong impression that all Muslims in Myanmar belong to the Rohingya are and thus not recognized as citizens. It only adds to the wrong impression that Rohingya, who were denied citizenship since the 1982 Citizenship law, are not legitimate members of the Myanmar state. Their statelessness has made them vulnerable to constant persecution on the hands of extremist Buddhist groups and the government.

Demonstration time. 11: am to 13.30 pm
Location: Thielallee 19, 14195 Berlin

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