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RR Kabel receives UL certificate

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the USA’s highest standardization authority, today handed over its certificate to RR KABEL, as the first ever any Bangladeshi cables manufacturer for its high quality products especially sophisticated thin charging and data cables.

The USA based UL has been certifying electric and electronics companies across the world in last 120 years and it is being accepted in any market in the world.

Managing Director of UL Bangladesh Sarbajit Mukharjee handed over the certificate to Director and CEO of RR-Imperial Mahbub Hossaian Mirdha at a ceremony at UL Bangladesh office in Uttara in the capital.

UL Bangladesh Business Development Manager Sharif Mollah, CRS Business Head Golam Sarwar, RR-Imperial Directors ANM Manzoor Murshed, Ahmed Ashfaqur Rahman, AM Ahsanul Bari and Head of Marketing Yusuf Ali were present, among others, on the occasion.

The certification has created huge export opportunities for made in Bangladesh cables especially the sophisticated thin charging and data cables in the world market, Mahbub said after receiving the certificate “It will help Bangladesh cable products to make stronghold in the international markets especially in the USA,” he said adding “it will also held Bangladesh government to attract more foreign investment as these international certifications ensure appliance of local backend supply chain.”

The UL certification of RR Kabel will also provide a cost effective opportunities for the local electronic devices manufacturers to get international standard raw materials from the local market rather importing it by spending huge foreign exchanges.

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