Shadow Theatre Therapy for Gender Justice

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Shadow Theatre Therapy for Gender Justice

Facilitated by

Proposed Dates

Participant Profile

Proposed Duration


Evan Hastings

15 & 16 May 2014

10-20 participants (atleast5males) Theatre Activistsand Developmentworkers


Studio Theater, National Shilpokola Academy, Dhaka

Project Description

In the street and in our minds, the shadows of gender oppression dance against the fabric of society. By facing the shadows and crafting dynamic aesthetic theatre about the seunder currents of gender oppression, object if ication and violence, we seek to create an engaging dialogue to provoke awareness and socialaction.

2 Day Workshop

Participants will dance, improvise and reflecton the nature oft heir Gender Socialization. Through collaborative and trust building activities we will cultivate a supportive and open environment in the group that will make it possible to share and honor personal stories of the unseen impacts of Gender Violence and Oppression. With the knowledge that such potentially shameful secrets are common experiences, we will together the collective truths from our personal experiences into powerful expressions to be performed as a catalyst for change.

Evan Hastings | [email protected] |


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