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Right groups urged to the South Asian leaders on the eve of SAARC Summit

18th SAARC Summit

Dhaka, 15th Nov 2014. Today civil society rights group as Peoples’ SAARC Bangladesh Process has demand to the South Asian leaders on the eve of 18th SAARC summit to be held in Kathmandu during 26th to 28th November, to draw a “Charter on free movement for climate induced migrant” under SAARC mechanism in a press conference as organized in national press club Dhaka.

The People’s SAARC Bangladesh Group was represented by Bangladesh Poribesh Andoloan (BAPA), Bangladesh Dalit and Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM), Bangladesh Nair Progoti Sangha (BNPS), Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD), Institute of Environment and Development (IED), KHANI Bangladesh, Nagorik Uddoyoge (NU) and Shusanoer Jonny Procharavizan (SUPRO). The press conference was moderated by Mostafa Kamal Akhanda of EquityBD, Chaired by Dr Rashid E Mahbub as chair of the People’s SAARC Bangladesh Group, other speakers are Dr Abdul Matin of BAPA, Zakir Hossain of NU, Sahanaz Sumi of BNPS and Monju Rani Pramanik of SUPRO.

On behalf of the group key note statement presented by Monju Rani Pramanik of SUPRO, the group demanded free movement of climate induced migrants along with this the group has also placed following demands to the SAARC leaders in this relation, (i) to ensure effective cooperation in agriculture sector development as this is still lifeline for major part of people and their livelihood & economic opportunity, (ii) to develop common water management strategies especially connect with Bangladesh, India, Nepal and even China to promote agriculture system and hydro power development thereby benefiting the member countries with equity and justice, (iii) Giving emphasis and expedite the implementation of SAARC Dhaka & Thimphu declaration on climate change as this is serious issue for SAARC all member countries, (iv) to explore appropriate strategies in promoting cross boarder peace, security and employment thereby reducing militarization expenses and redirecting the investment to human development sectors.

Dr. Abdul Matin from BAPA demands to SAARC leaders to explore appropriate strategies to set-side the long pending water issues. He demands the connectivity with rivers that will facilitate the regional navigation among SAARC countries especially between Bangladesh and India. He also demands the govt. preparation on this SAARC summit and must make it to public. Zakir Hossain from NU said there are always dissimilarities between common people aspirations and what officials of SAARC process outline, such an aspiration gaps should be minimized.

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