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TC law violation in Sylhet

Majority of the populations including public representatives under Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) and different sub-districts including Golapgonj, Bianibazar, Kanaighat, Jointapur, Balagonj, Dakshin Shurma and Fenchugonj are unaware of the Tobacco Control (TC) law, and thus public places smoking is highly common in the district which is creating health hazards for the non-smokers living at the spots, according to a report from one of the leading regional dailies, Daily Uttor Purbo on October 26, 2014 by Nehar Ranjan Purkayastha- a regional ATMA member.

Investigations have found evidences of massive violation of the TC law, and smoking of the Union Parishad (UP) chairmen inside the Dakhsin Shurma UP building – which is the office of the local government representatives and thereby considered as a public place by the TC law, is a too common scenario, reads the report.

Moreover, the entire building lacks any sort of anti-smoking notices. Furthermore, the official tobacco control activities in Sylhet district are bracketed within discussion sessions, and the adopted few steps turn insufficient in reality. The government has amended the TC law to check the growing use of tobacco across the country, its violation in Sylhet district needs immediate attention to implement the TC law.

The detail of the report is available on the following link:

Reserved forests are being cut down in Chittagong district, reads another report on the Daily Dainik Bangla on October 25, 2014. According to the report, about 50,000 metric tons of woods have been used as fuel in 3000 tobacco furnaces to bake tobacco leaves in the current season and those were collected from the reserved forest of the district.

See the detail report:

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