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Tobacco Company’s Helicopter encourages tobacco growers!

Tobacco Company is now trying to encourage tobacco farmers by setting new stunt of using private helicopter to visit emerging tobacco cultivation area in Lalmonirhat district though government has discouraged tobacco cultivation considering its harmful effects, says a report published in the Daily Observer on 5 April 2014. The report says, recently the top bosses of The Dhaka Tobacco Company visited Lalmonirhat district with their private helicopters which was boost up tobacco cultivation and motivated tobacco growers in that area.

The local sub inspector of Police guarded the helicopter with his team which was as more an encouragement from the government side but government official always tries to say that they discourage farmers from tobacco farming, report added. See the detail report: Inline image 1 Besides, tobacco leaves are burning next to two schools by constructing nine tobacco furnaces in dighinala upazila of Khagrachori district, says a report published in the Daily Prothom Alo on 7 April, 2014. The report says that this is the high time to bake tobacco leaves in the furnace.

The tobacco farmers are baking tobacco leaves next to schools where children are in regular classes. Due to the baking of tobacco leaves lot of poisonous gases and smokes have been emitting and polluting the school campus. The children are getting suffocated with this detrimental emission; they are having sickness which is harming their education and health. After a complain made by the School principal, the local union parishad chairman has raised this issue to the monthly coordination meeting of local administration; but did not get any result. However, the UNO of Digihinala upazila told that he informed about the issue and will take action under Forestry Act of the Government. See the detail report: Inline image 2 Different sickness occurs with the smell of tobacco leaves, knowing that, women are picking tobacco leaves carrying small children with them in tobacco field, a photo feature has been published on 7 April, 2014 which was taken yesterday in Voirofa area of Dighinala upazila in Khagrachari district. See the Picture source at page 5: Inline image 3

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