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Tobacco cos compensate sellers’ penalties in Rangpur

The amended tobacco control law has been being completely ignored in almost everywhere of Rangpur district and the tobacco companies are compensating fines to the tobacco sellers who have been penalized for advertising of tobacco products at their shops and stalls, reads a report on the Daily Rangpur Chitra on August 5, 2015 by S M Pial, an ATMA member.

The report also reads that mobile courts are conducted regularly in the district but the sellers who have been penalized do not bother anymore as the tobacco companies pay the fine on behalf of them. The cigarette dealers and tobacco company agents pay the fine in accordance with the receipt the sellers receive from the mobile court.

Even after conducting regular mobile courts in different parts of the district, most of the stores and stalls are still exhibiting tobacco advertisements in different forms and the sellers are on the view that due to they are reluctant to follow the law as the tobacco companies are backing them with different support like paying the mobile court fines etc.

Investigations have found that most of the stores contain different sort of tobacco advertisements and decorations similar to specific tobacco brands which is completely banned according to the tobacco control law and a gross violation of the law as well, reads the report.

To protect their benefits, the tobacco companies are not taking any suitable measures to stop the advertisements rather paying the imposed penalty which is inspiration to breach the law to the sellers and by the same time they are violating the state rules, according to the report.

Anti-tobacco experts of the district defended the issue with the excuse that tobacco sellers are not or in some cases are little educated and thus they do not have any clear idea over the tobacco control law, after the report.
Detail of the report is available on the following link:

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