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Tobacco Industry deceits jamming tobacco taxation exposed

Tobacco Industry’s cunning tactics to receive tax rebate by CSR, lobby and negotiation to resist tobacco tax, interference to continue complex tax structure has been exposed on a three-episode series and telecasted on Independent TV from May 18, 2014 – May 20, 2014 by Farzana Shova, one of the ATMA members. Briefs of the reports are as follows:


Episode 1: TI CSR to promote products and get tax rebate

Tobacco companies are expanding their business in the guise of their so called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities. The CSR is an effective tool for them to achieve tax rebate. They are also publicizing their activities to attract attention of the authority so that it could be used for tax rebate. In reality, the CSR programmes are of no benefits to the farmers and commoners.     

See the detail report:


Episode 2: TI efforts to cut tobacco tax

The government mulls to hike tobacco tax but the issue of removing price slab is still ignored. Besides, marking the upcoming budget, the tobacco companies have started negotiating with the revenue collection body – NBR, to reduce tax on tobacco. Such negotiating events regularly occur right before the National Budget every year. 

See the detail report:


Episode 3:Tobacco tax couldn’t shine like price in last 5 fiscals

Prices of tobacco products have increased but tax did not in line with the price in last five fiscal-years. Therefore, the government failed garnering taxation benefits. Tobacco company influence on the administration, government’s reluctance on the issue, slack policies by the NBR etc. are responsible for the revenue loss, opined experts. Though there is a tobacco tax cell at the NBR, it is exists only in black and white. Experts demand that all forms of tobacco products should be brought under tax net and the price slabs should also be removed to reduce tobacco use.

See the detail report:

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