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Natural beutiful places in Dhaka Lamudi Bangladesh has been reveals top locations where Dhaka residents can live close to nature. This is a list of 5 top location in Dhaka.

Who does not dream of opening their eyes on a beautiful morning and seeing refreshing natural views from their bedroom window? House-hunters might not think it is possible to find a home with a view in a major urban center. But even in bustling cities like Dhaka, there are plenty of areas that cater for nature lovers.

Here Lamudi Bangladesh has compiled a guide to the best areas in the city to live close to nature.

Dhanmondi Lake: If you want to wake up with beautiful lake views then you must consider the areas around Dhanmondi Lake, including Dhanmondi 5, 6, 7a and, 8a. Dhanmondi Lake has all the elements that a nature lover can ask for, with its wide lake, lots of trees and beautiful walk way.

Hatirjheel : This area was not originally designed as a residential area but was mainly created for transportation. But with its excellent architectural design, lighting, trees and lake, the area has become one of the favorite place of Dhaka’s resident. There are some residential hubs (such as Mogbazar, Modhubaag and Tejgao) around this area from where people can enjoy Hatirjheel’s excellent natural and night time views from the comfort of their home.

Cantonment: This is not only Dhaka’s most secure and well organized area but also well known for its natural resources. Natural greenery, open fields, lakes and lower density living makes this area a top choice for nature lovers.

Baridhara DOHS: This is considered one of finest residential areas of Dhaka. Baridhara DOHS has all the facilities you need while also some excellent natural resources like plenty of greenery, a large pond, open fields, a park and a walk way.

Basundhara Residential Area: This is a large private residential area in Dhaka. The community was well planned to include a touch of nature. The area is located next to the Balu River, with plenty of trees, parks, open fields and the mesmerizing Disclosure Forest which makes this area a perfect spot to get back to nature.

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