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16th British Curry Award Ceremony to be Virtual on December 17

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Dabirul Islam Choudhury OBE, the humble Bangladeshi-British centenarian had a restaurant in St Albans during the 60s. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit his community a few months back, he raised more than £420,000 (about Five crore in BDT) to help those people affected by the havoc. His initiative surpassed expectations and went on to help many charities, including people in the UK’s Bangladeshi and Muslim communities. Such an unmatched philanthropy, along with many other great minds similar to this who are currently serving in the British curry industry are being recognized at this year’s virtual British Curry Award ceremony in the most prudent manner.

The much celebrated British Curry Award, better known as the Oscar of the Curry Industry is being held this Thursday, December 17, 2020 in a Covid-19 complying ceremony in Britain. Hosted by the world’s most famous Impressionist Rory Bremner, the virtual bespoke show will unfold at GMT 7.30 pm in the evening (Bangladesh time 1:30 am 18th December). Anyone can watch the show via this link from anywhere in the world. Website of the British Curry Award is

The 16th British Curry Awards ceremony initiated by its founder Enam Ali MBE is being held in association with JustEat.

Notably, the organizers are giving away the awards to recognize the curry heroes of the pandemic-hit year in 13 different categories, such as, Inspirational Person, Unsung Chef Award, Special Coverage for Media Coverage of the Curry Industry and the likely. For the first time, it is being given not by judging the food quality of the participating restaurants but by evaluating the humanitarian aspects of their performance, the roles they played to support the people during the overwhelming covid-19 disaster in country.

British Curry Awards Founder, Enam Ali MBE mentions, we feel truly honored to have this opportunity to recognize such great souls who had shown remarkable feat of compassion and humanity.

The award giving ceremony, blessed by Her Majesty the British Queen and the Prime Minister of the UK will be held at a secluded venue without the audience that used to be a striking feature of their earlier curry-award ceremony. The biggest and the best show in the hospitality calendar, this singular event is going to be a live broadcast covering a global audience via different online platforms, namely, You Tube, Facebook, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This spectacular awards ceremony was established in 2005. The organizers represent over 12 thousand restaurants in the UK and Ireland, 85 percent of which origins from Bangladeshi expatriates that annually contributes 5 billion pounds to the national exchequer directly employing 100 thousand people. People all over the world today love the British cuisine while very few people in fact know about the great contribution of the Bangladeshi prodigies that, during the 60s and 70s of the last century, laid down the very foundation of this booming industry.

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