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Bandhu has gifted Eid stuff among 280 Transgender and Hijras

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Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) managed to buy Eid stuff for Transgender and Hijras who are struggling with financial crisis in pandemic of Covid-19. By the financial support of ICCO Corporation, on Saturday they have distributed Eid stuff in Kakrail, Moghbazar, Saympur, Shiddirganj and Dhamrai among 280 Transgender and Hijras.

The Gift package was consisting with 5kg rice, 1kg special rice, 1kg pulses, 1ltr oil, 1ltr milk, 1kg sugar and 2packs semai.

During this lockdown condition they are compelled to stay inside and running out of their small savings. ‘We had tried to keep their smile on face in this Eid, out of any snag’- said an official of Bandhu. Still to this date, Bandhu has distributed relief among 804 TG, Hijras and Gender Diverse population.

The organization has done a mapping of 3350 poor community members of all divisions of the country through its field offices and 35 affiliated organization (Community Based Organizations). A Task Force consisting of seven members from Bandhu was formed to coordinate all humanitarian tasks and is processing to provide relief and emergency support to another 1500 community members in Phase-II.

Using different GO & NGO networks Bandhu managed to provide relief so far 1597 community across the country. During COVID-19, Bandhu has extended its services and introduced two exclusive Help Line number.

One for mental health counselling to the community (01714048418) another for Doctor counselling (01744755232) to improve emergency medical services for Transgender, Hijra and Gender Diverse community in Bangladesh.

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