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Home » Latest News » Global actors pledge to collaborate on transformation of Bangladesh agriculture

Global actors pledge to collaborate on transformation of Bangladesh agriculture

Key global actors gathered at the leading global agri-science University, Wageningen University, and pledged to collaborate on making Bangladesh agriculture risk-proof, resilient, profitable and sustainable for small farmers as well as for entrepreneurs. 

All collaborators resolved at the RoundTable on ‘Future of Bangladesh Agriculture’, convened by Bangladesh Embassy. Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands, M Riaz Hamidullah, moderated and shared the context of the theRound Table, especially how global agri-tech community may tap potential opportunities in Bangladesh.

Over 230 experts and researchers from different parts of the world joined the discussion. Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), University of Saskatchewan (Canada), partnered the event. 

Six Presentations by leading experts focused on tackling the key challenges in Bangladesh: rapidly increasing crop yield; developing resilient supply chain; scaling up farm mechanization; meeting skill gaps through training. 

FAO and World Bank HQs shared their perspectives as well. Agriculture Secretary, Wahida Akhter, reflected Government’s thinking on transform agriculture transformation. The Vice President of University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Baljit Singh, pledged to enhance university’s cooperation in agriresearch in Bangladesh. 

Minister, Dr Abdus Shahid, said that agriculture is the key priority in cooperation with the Netherlands, particularly to introduce some of the transformative technology, innovation and research capabilities to Bangladesh. He also said that “I am a farmer turned politician. For seven decades in my life, I have seen how millions of our small and marginal farmers battled out challenges in our delta.” 

At the end,   launched  Wageningen University, Saskatchewan University and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) together launched a tripartite Arrangement for longer-term engagements to pilot impact-driven initiatives at the grassroots in Bangladesh.

The Netherlands today is the 2nd largest agro-food exporter globally, annually exporting US$ 123 billion (2022). To date, they have conducted 7 Market Scans on agri-business potential in Bangladesh.

This high-level Round Table comes as a result of continuing efforts of Bangladesh Embassy. In 2022, the Bangladesh Embassy convened a first-ever such discussion, together with Wageningen University, on future opportunities in Bangladesh Agriculture future, especially to empower small and marginal farmers.

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