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Home » Latest News » Indian Health Group Launches ‘Bass Ab Jetna Hai’ to Fight Covid

Indian Health Group Launches ‘Bass Ab Jetna Hai’ to Fight Covid

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By Ashok Ramsarup :: While the world observes 151st Birthday of Father of modern-day liberation Mahatma Gandhi, India the world largest democracy is facing another ‘do-or-die’ battle. This time not with the colonial rulers, but with the deadly Covid-19 pandemic that has engulfed the world.

India’s leading health organisation – Peoples Health Organisation– has launched an innovative programme – Bass Ab Jeetna Hai – to provide scientific information to help communities to cope and fight the virus as 80 000 to 90 000 new Covid-19 cases reported officially diagnosed daily in the South Asian Country.

Peoples Health Organisation Secretary-General Ishwar Gilada said the Covid fighters were facing stigma and teething issues, despite this we’re faced with many challenges as the team provide the right information with compassion.

Dr Gilada said: “The Bass Jeetna Hai programme is aimed as a youth-driven, youth-oriented but community-targeted project. Currently the burden of the fight seems to be only on the health care workers, police, sanitation staff and the authorities.

“The common man, especially the youth, seems to have given up the fight and become indifferent. Mask usage is barely 40% and only 30% use it correctly. Their complacency is one of the major drivers of this epidemic where the numbers continue to rise with the elderly in their houses,” lamented Dr Gilada.

Dr Gilada said it was now clear that unless the “Common Man” becomes a part of the battle and views himself or herself as a ‘Corona Warrior’, defeating Covid-19 will just remain a dream.

During India’s freedom struggle, Dr Gilada said: “The passive resistance fighters have been able to defeat the mighty British-Empire due to the sheer determination of each and every Indian from all walks of life to be part for the freedom struggle in the fight for independence.

“Today India needs such a concerted effort in the current battle against the coronavirus as well. This day chosen is Gandhi-Jayanti,” said a confident Dr Gilada.

Bass Ab Jeetna Hai team consists of people from various walks of life, including Dr Trupti Gilada, Dr Akshay Baheti, Film Director Priyanka Tanwar, Dr Taiba Qureshi, Vikram Aditya, Corona-survivor Pooja Shanbag Bhat, Aditya Shah, Anil Jajoo and Dr. Nilakshi Sabnis.

Dr Gilada strongly believes that every effort counts in this battle against the Covid-19 as the campaign leaders would update with practical scientific information from doctors in the thick of the battle and also record the stories from Corona warriors and survivors that would be shared. “In this way I hope it will help in empowering the Common Man to become a Corona Warrior with science,” added Dr Gilada.

The motto of the campaign is: –

Afwaon pe nahi-vigyan par bharosa rakhna hai

Insaan ko nahi… Insaaniyat ko bhi zindaa rakhna hai

Humein darna nahiladna hai. Bass Ab Jeetna Hai

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