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Kite Festival for Diplomats

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US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and regional partner SAFETYNET partnering with the Flag Girl hosted an event to celebrate the famous old Dhaka festival, Shakrain Kite Festival on 15th January .  This was organised for Diplomatic and expat guests to enjoy in a historically important venue (the home of Nurjahan Begum, the first female journalist in Bangladesh called Nasiruddin Smriti Bhaban ).

During the event on January 15th, CDC has archived short audio interviews with guests on their COVID experiences and lessons. Amongst the guests were the US Ambassador Earl Robert Miller , H.E. Mr. Ureya, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Bangladesh. Ms. Corinne Henchoz Pignani, Deputy Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland, Mr. Fawad Ahmad Najimzada, Deputy Head of Mission, Afghanistan Embassy, Mr. Gabriel Hjort, Second Secretary, Embassy of Sweden, Christian Hope V. Reyes (Ms.), Third Secretary and Vice Consul, Philippine Embassy, Alexander Haeusler, General Manager of Radisson Blu Dhaka etc.

The guests enjoyed flying kites, traditional live music , fire spitting and different types of fireworks. The purpose of the invite was to bring a diverse group of foreign expats together to share their COVID experiences and lessons, learn more about their development sector plans, and offer them the opportunity to experience Bangladeshi culture and become familiar with the Shakrain traditions in a COVID-safe environment. This is part of a broader effort by CDC and the Flag Girl to document the COVID response experiences and lessons in Bangladesh and use this for long term public health systems strengthening and policy advocacy.

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