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Money laundering and loaning out huge slabs of money

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Printing of money by Bangladesh Bank, money laundering and loaning out huge slabs of money to government supported vested quarters, causing peril to our economy and citizens’ lives in Bangladesh. The following post is to bring to the attention of all conscious citizens of the world. Both Bangla and English version are given below.

Forward Party, a political party, in Bangladesh strongly believes that the government has been taking extremely weak planning in containing bank fraud, money laundering and offering loans to deserving entities. The state of Bangladesh must be questioned at a practical level. The government is printing TK. 50,000 crore through Bangladesh Bank and then some companies close to the government are borrowing Tk 20,000-30,000 crore and it seems that only chosen few (connected to the present government) will have the golden wand to collect this money. Others have no chance to even dream of these money. The point is Bangladesh talks of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development but honestly these are just pipe dreams where the people in power are muscling over the vaults of Banks in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the government seriously lacks accountability due to coming to power through subverting and destroying the electoral process through initiating alleged ‘NIGHT TIME VOTING’. The legitimacy of the government is questioned daily & now they are putting immense burden in the lives of our citizens and our nation as per capita loan has tripled in around 10 years. We are becoming an indebted nation. We did not ask the current government to squander the hard-earned money of this country. These issues have to be urgently addressed as our currency (Taka) continues to devalue, robbing any hope of economic emancipation. FORWARD PARTY demands that this complete mismanagement of monetary and fiscal policy directives be stopped as all ill planned activities will erode all economic benefits of our citizens and price inflation will result due to the hike in dollar prices. Within the next few months, the problems will escalate unless proper measures are taken.
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