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Home » Latest News » Observance of the 54th Independence and National Day by Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa

Observance of the 54th Independence and National Day by Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa

Today, on 26 March 2024, the Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa observed the 54th
Independence and National Day with dignity and fervor.

As part of the special program for the occasion, His Excellency Dr. Khalilur Rahman, High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Canada, hoisted the national flag with the playing of national anthem at Bangladesh House in Ottawa at 10 am in presence of all officers and officials of the High Commission.

Following the flag hoisting, a special prayer was offered to honor the souls of the Father of the Nation and the Architect of our independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and the 3 million martyrs of the
Great War of Independence.
In the second segment of the program, a special discussion meeting, chaired by HE the High Commissioner, was convened in the High Commission’s auditorium during the afternoon. Valiant Freedom Fighters and members from the Bangladeshi community in Canada participated in this discussion meeting.

The program commenced with the placing of floral wreaths at the portrait of the Father of the Nation by HE the High Commissioner.

Following this, messages from the Hon’ble President, Hon’ble Prime Minister and
Hon’ble Foreign Minister on this occasion were read out by the High Commission officers. This was followed by the screening of a documentary in commemoration of the 54th Independence and National Day.

Then, HE High Commissioner Dr. Khalilur Rahman especially invited the valiant freedom fighters present in the discussion meeting to speak. They hailed Bangladesh’s independence as the Bengali nation’s
greatest achievement. They pledged to work collectively to instill the spirit of the liberation war and patriotism among the second and third generations of Bangladeshis residing in Canada.

HE the High Commissioner also posed for photographs with the valiant freedom fighters.
In his address, HE the High Commissioner, Dr. Khalilur Rahman, highlighted the pivotal role of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in leading the Bengali nation towards independence.

He recalled Bangabandhu’s call for independence on 7 March 1971, in his famous speech at the Racecourse, and the subsequent declaration of independence by him in the early hours of 26 March
1971, urging all to join the liberation war. HE the High Commissioner paid homage to the sacrifices of the 3 million martyrs and the two hundred thousand mothers and sisters who were violated and endured profound
suffering during the liberation war.

He emphasized the importance of embodying the non-communal spirit of the liberation war in both societal and political lives. Moreover, HE the High Commissioner lauded Bangladesh’s remarkable economic progress, especially in the last one and a half decades under the leadership of Bangabandhu’s able daughter, the current Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He called upon all Bangladeshis living at home and abroad to contribute to building a developed and prosperous
‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041 under the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister.
HE the High Commissioner acknowledged the wholehearted support of the Government and people of Canada during Bangladesh’s liberation war.

He noted the historically excellent friendly bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Canada since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 14 February 1972,
especially in the areas of mutual interests, including human rights, development, counter-extremism, women’s empowerment and combating climate change. HE the High Commissioner expressed optimism that
the bilateral relationship will expand and strengthen in the future across all domains, including trade and investment.

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