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Home » Latest News » South African Medical Student appointed as Editor of International Journal

South African Medical Student appointed as Editor of International Journal

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By Ashoke Ramsarup :: South African medico MOHAMED SULEMAN has been appointed as Student Editor of the International Journal of Medical Students based in the United States.  

Suleman who is a fourth-year medical student at the Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine of University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in the port city of Durban, is teamed up by a neuro-surgeon from the University of Cape Town to make a difference to the editorial team consisting of 40 junior doctors and medical researchers from all over the world.  

South African medical student

One of the main functions of the editorial team is to undertake peer reviews of scientific research articles that are submitted to the Journal. 

Suleman was also unanimously nominated as UKZN’s Best Student Researcher and Best Student Innovator in the medical field during the 2021 year-end awards.

The aspiring medico says his appointment to the Editorial Team will afford him an opportunity to broaden his horizons and harness a critical mindset in research writing.

“Conducting peer reviews of scientific articles must be rigorously and comprehensively applied. It is imperative that we ensure scientific scrutiny and critique of research findings to maintain high standards and quality research output”, Suleman explained.

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