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Home » Latest News » The North Bengal Startup Summit 2023 will be held on September 28-29

The North Bengal Startup Summit 2023 will be held on September 28-29

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The Bangladesh government’s commitment to transforming Rajshahi into the nation’s inaugural smart city has set the stage for a remarkable venture. Taking the reins of this opportunity, Startup Rajshahi, a collective of enterprising youth in the Rajshahi division, has embarked on a mission to harness the vast potential of a smart and eco-friendly Rajshahi. 

The North Bengal Startup Summit 2023 summit will be held on September 28 and 29 organized by Startup Rajshahi. This vibrant summit will be hosted at the Sheikh Kamal IT Training and Incubation Center within the esteemed Bangabandhu High Tech Park in Rajshahi, is a collaborative effort with the Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA) Project, an initiative of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under the ICT Division. In addition to the iDEA Project, the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority and Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and Industries have joined hands to orchestrate this pioneering summit. Together, they are set to propel Rajshahi towards a future brimming with innovation and sustainable progress.

Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner (Additional Secretary) Dr. Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir will inaugurate the summit on 28 September 2023. 

The North Bengal Startup Summit 2023 is gearing up for two exhilarating days packed with innovation and knowledge-sharing. The event’s agenda includes a compelling lineup of activities, featuring four special sessions and seven expert sessions, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience for attendees. For aspiring young entrepreneurs, there’s the exciting startup idea competition, offering a platform to showcase their groundbreaking concepts. The summit will also host a captivating startup expo, where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of possibilities. Among the expo’s attractions are immersive VR games, a mesmerizing display of drones and robots, and even a glimpse into the future with electric race cars. As a fitting conclusion to this grand event on September 29th, the organizing authority of the North Bengal Startup Summit will honor organizations dedicated to enhancing employment opportunities and employability among the youth of Rajshahi, adding a touch of recognition and celebration to the summit’s profound objectives.

The summit is open to everyone and is absolutely free.

The main sponsor of the event is Real Star Properties. Also sponsored by Macroman Solutions, Connect Distribution, bdapps and JRC Board.

Details about the North Bengal Startup Summit 2023 can be found on the following Facebook page of the summit:
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