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The Youth Urged to Become Agents of Change in South Africa

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By Ashok Ramsarup :: The youth in the 21st century is fast becoming agents of change in South Africa’s fledgling democracy as the Novel Coronavirus takes the world by storm. While the National Youth Commission is working with the Belgium Government to support the use of arts and culture among the youth to promote social challenges, a 21-year-old Chatsworth youth who changed his career path from Quantity Surveying to the role of acting.

Veron Vadivelu has released a movie entitled UNTITLED FOR NOW which is currently doing the rounds on the social media platform, including Facebook. This movie comes at a time when the world, including South Africa, is badly affected by the pandemic. The virus has claimed the lives of millions of people around the globe. The filming had taken place during Lockdown Three in the country.

Without any financial assistance from established organizations, energetic Veron has embarked on his passion to be an actor, a producer, scriptwriter, and a director. He is expected to release another film later this week.  The new venture is called THE NEW NORMAL VOLUME ONE, devoting the impact of Covid-19.

Veron says the new release is about a poem expressing an integral part of wider demography as to how the society is feeling during the Covid-19 epidemic.  He speaks eloquently as to what society lost and found, but the crux of the issue is that the things people have found during the pandemic.

He has made it abundantly clear that the poem makes people adapt during the Covid-19 lockdown and it encourages people especially the youth and it gives them an opportunity to gravitate towards this decision-making process as it sends out a positive message in the end.  “It is important to understand the dynamic of this pandemic and adapt to the current time’s people are living in,” says Veron.

While South Africa is experiencing an uncertain future that is associated with unemployment, poor economy, inequality, and gender-based violence, Veron says the poem will help to adapt to the times of the positive message inspiring all South Africans towards peace and democracy in collaboration between the younger and older generation.

Veron hopes people in the arts fraternity will help talented and artistic youths to invest in the next generation and urged business leaders to join the party to play a significant and meaningful role in encouraging the youth to reach their goals.

Ashok Ramsarup is award-winning senior journalist of South Africa 🇿🇦

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