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Message from Viber

Viber LogoRecently we came to know that there are few messages from Viver. Though those are not verified by Viber. But we are getting a lot of message from Viber users. Why it is spreading? Is it really from Viber, or someone is doing their own business?

We are really not sure. But if you want you really can ask to Viber authority. Here is the email address of Viber support team: [email protected].You can visit their support page also:

So let to check what type of message is spreading by Viber user. And help to protect it. Because we think that this not really true something. And be careful before to spread it.

From 1st Jan 2015, Viber is going to charge for the SMS, because nowadays, many fake people are registering to Viber. So, if you don’t want to pay for your Viber, please send it to at least 10 people in your contacts so that the Viber authority can recognize your account and it will be believable that you are not fake. But in case, if you do not send this message to your 10 contacts within 9 days after receiving this text, Viber will going to charge for your messages from your SIM Card Balance. So please Co-Operate each other. Thank you and Happy New Year in Advance. —Viber Support Team

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