Mass Die-In for the Voices Ignored at COP20

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Mass Die-In for the Voices Ignored at COP20

The final day of UN negotiations began with a mass die-in of over 150 observers from across the world to highlight the voices ignored by the outcome of the UN conference.

The protesters were addressed by speakers from the Philippines, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, and Peru about the current impacts of climate change on people.

“We are already suffering massive devastation, loss of lives, and displacement of communities, with just 0.8 degrees of warming. Science is saying it still possible to limit warming to below 1.5 degrees which is the absolute limit we can accept. Even that will mean far worse consequences for our people than what they are already experiencing.

But governments are no longer talking about a global goal. This outcome in Lima is unacceptable to the people of Asia.” Gerry Arances of the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice told the activists as they beat their chests, replicating a heart beat.

“This is hypocrisy and duplicity on the part of developed country governments.” Said Fazal Issa, of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance from Tanzania.

“Governments of developed countries are pressuring developing countries when they do not even own up to the inadequacy of their targets and constantly refuse to include climate finance as part of binding agreements. Climate finance for mitigation actions in the South is part of the obligations and fair share of the efforts of developed countries.” Issa told the crowd.

“We see impacts on our farms and food in the Dominican Republic. We see roads being flooded or destroyed. We see people being killed. For workers climate change threatens us and our right to decent work so we will resist and push for much more than what we see on the table here in Lima.” Massiel Figuereo de CNUS (The National Confederation of Labor Unions) of the Dominican Republic.

“In Peru the glaciers are disappearing, the Amazon is disappearing and we know the reality of climate impacts here. The governments know it too and this was supposed to be the moment of action. From here there will be more action from everyone – from citizens, campaigners, campesinos, and unionists to confront the climate crisis.” Lorena Del Carpio, del Movimiento Ciudadano Frente al Cambio Climatico (MOCICC), the Citizens Movement on Climate Change in Peru.

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