Volveremos! – Act on climate or step aside

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Volveremos! – Act on climate or step aside

We are the people who participated in the walk out of the Warsaw Climate Conference and who supported and united with its call for more serious climate action. We have come together to reiterate to all ‘leaders’ participating in the UN climate negotiations that they are dangerously off track in addressing the climate emergency. We call upon them to listen to the demands and solutions of people.


The walk out was an act of protest and indignation over governments’ continued failure to take decisive and swift action against the biggest threat to both people and the planet, and an act of condemnation of continued domination and sabotage of the international climate talks by powerful corporate interests.


In the face of massive destruction, displacement and loss of lives caused by current levels of global warming and the certainty of much worse impacts in the near future, governments continue to choose to act in the interests of a wealthy few, and collude with big business to defend unsustainable consumption and production models ahead of the urgent need for a sustainable, ecological, and just world.


We are more determined than ever to fight for the survival of our families, our communities and our peoples across the world – a survival that rests on nothing less than the fundamental transformation of a system that has generated massive impoverishment, injustices and a climate crisis that threatens all life on earth. People are waging this fight in various arenas in every corner of the globe, over every dimension of their lives – food, energy, health and security, jobs and livelihoods. People driven solutions, compatible with planetary limits are being created and asserted at local, national and global levels – aimed at meeting the needs of people rather than the relentless pursuit of profits for big business and wealthy elites.


We are back, far more strengthened in giving voice to those who are already acting to meet the urgency needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the huge majority of civil society around the world that you, ministers, represent and can no longer ignore.
In the coming weeks and months, towards and during the Social COP in Venezuela, the People’s Summit and the COP20 in Peru, and the COP 21 in France, we will be fighting harder than ever for governments to:


  • Commit to a global goal of limiting warming that recognizes the latest IPCC’s warnings on the threats of tipping points, and to the right to food and food sovereignty, recalling that science suggests that 1.5C of warming would be too much for many vulnerable people and countries.


  • Deliver a swift global transformation away from the use of dirty fossil fuel and destructive energy systems driving the crisis, towards a carbon-free and renewable energy economy that, primarily amongst others, is decentralized, community controlled, affordable, accessible to all people for their basic needs and well-being;


  • Urgently scale up targets for emissions cuts in the pre-2020 period, and set emission targets comparable to the scale of the emergency for 2020-2025;


  • Ensure equitable and fair sharing of efforts among all countries based on their historical responsibility, their capacities, and the urgency of the crisis


  • Enable people to deal with climate impacts by protecting the rights of peoples and communities, building resilience, addressing loss and damage, and ensuring a just transition to climate resilient, low carbon, equitable and democratic economy and society.


  • Define concrete targets for the transfer of finance and technology to make global transformation possible


The global climate movement is building its strength and power in every country of the world. We call on those who claim to represent us to either act in our interests or step aside.

2 thoughts on “Volveremos! – Act on climate or step aside”

  1. Lucas Miles says:

    I have just been searching for this type of information for a while and finally found here so far. Thanks for glorious writing !!

  2. You may consider the theory and application of economic instruments, in particular price-based instruments for climate polluters. Properly structured economic instruments encourage industry to go beyond compliance and engage in continuous innovation and improvement.

    While legislation is aimed at directly changing the behavior of polluters by outlawing or limiting certain practices, economic instruments aim to make environmental damage priced and costs to be so significant that they change those practices. Whilst governments of Western nations have come to embrace some of the Climate Change ideas, many do not internalizing environmental costs and do not treat the policies seriously. For many industrial firms and businesses the environmental problem has been not one of environmental degradation but rather one of increasing governmental constraints on their activities. Price-based instruments, in particular, were viewed as placing additional costs on their operations that they would prefer to avoid. Charges should incur a more hefty financial burden on firms than legislative instruments and is a primary reason why carbon taxes have been opposed by business groups in various parts of the world.

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