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The history of the islands dates back to thousand years ago. And a wide variety of people live here. Most of the people are farmers and live on agriculture. Hence, the necessity of media outlets is not seen here so far. The mainstream media outlets have no connection at all with this island. In fact, there is no media outlets are available here at all.

People of the islands do not need to access the media outlets as most of them are laborers. They do not need to know what is happening around the world. They have their peaceful lives and passing their days amid hard work. They do not want to get involved in politics and other activities that the people of the world are taking part in. Besides, the lives in the islands are easier than that of the one people live in the modern cities. The Islanders are free from anxieties and they also get everything fresh for their needs.

They have their own cattle to take care and prepare their meals. They also grow some fresh vegetables that they sell in the markets and earn their livelihoods. So, it is evident that they are passing their days amid great enjoyment. Actually, the absence of media outlets is a type of blessing for them. If they had the media outlets with them, they had to suffer a good number of unwanted things. But with the media absence, they are free of all such issues.

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