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Working Group 1 of the 5th Assessment Report — AR5

Following the launch of Working Group 1 of the 5th Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) last September in Stockholm, we are now coming closer to the launches of Working Group 2 (31 March in Yokohama, on impacts and adaptation) and Working Group 3 (13 April in Berlin, on mitigation) – major communications opportunities to make the case for stronger and faster climate action. If you have been following the IPCC work closely and are on the specific AR5 listserves, you don’t need to read on as you would have received all the following info and materials already. But if you are interested and haven’t been following things closely, then


this is the email you want to read to get all the resources we offer together with our friends over at CAN for communicating AR5 in one place. 1) AMPLIFY IT: Please find attached the latest version of the Global Resource Pack for WG2, which now features an essential compilation of key findings from the report, global talking points for NGOs, social media content as well as a template press release. Like the following materials, this is just to inform your own work and output, but not meant to be publicly shared or launched to the media. 2) LOCALIZE IT: Please also find attached the Regional Breakdown report for WG2. It takes the findings from the 100s and 100s of pages of WG2’s underlying chapters and organizes them by regions. The rationale is that local/national/regional audiences care most about what is already happening or will be happening close to home. We hope the Regional Breakdown report will help you make your output relevant for these audiences. 3) PERSONALIZE IT: The following link will take you to a dropbox with storytelling material covering key themes from WG2 and including stories from all continents – sourced from GCCA/CAN partners for GCCA/CAN partners, and ready to be rolled out by you beginning now. You’ll find blog posts and photos to tell the story of climate impacts and adaptation on your website or blog, giving the science a human face and making it real for audiences:

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