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Workshop on Effective Implementation of Environmental Management Protocols

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be present at this inaugural ceremony of the three day National Follow-up Workshop on “Effective Implementation of Environmental Management Protocols in Pharmaceutical Sector of Bangladesh” jointly organized by Bangladesh Society for Pharmaceutical Professionals (BSPP) & APO Society for Bangladesh.

I feel really encourage to see that the delegates from different pharmaceutical organizations and the Department of Environment under the Ministry of Environment & Forest are participating in this workshop. On behalf of the Ministry of Industries and on my personal behalf, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the organizers as well as the delegates for participating in this very important event.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The objective of holding this follow-up workshop is to discuss the problems and challenges being faced by the participants while implementing the environment protection measures in the pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh. I am confident that this workshop would be able to enlighten our participants as to how to manage the existing environmental challenges of Pharmaceutical Industries. It will surely help them in handling the environmental concern efficiently in line with the vision of our Grand Alliance Government of building green and eco-friendly Pharmaceutical Industrial sector with zero pollution.

Distinguished Guests and Delegates

The world is getting ready to welcome the change that has been made by the influence of Third Industrial Revolution. This revolution is a new form of industrialization process based on green technology and renewable energy. The wave of Third Industrial Revolution has already been touched the horizon of the developing countries including Bangladesh.

As a result new, environment-friendly and green product is coming out everyday in the global market. So the need of green, eco-friendly and safer product is increasing gradually. This process has got momentum in the recent year. In order to meet the growing demand of safe and green medicine, we have no other alternative except introducing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in our Pharmaceutical Sector.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Pharmaceutical Industry is a very vital industrial sector of Bangladesh. It has been announced as one of the thrust sectors in our National Industrial Policy (NIP)-2010. Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing in Bangladesh maintain high quality standards and its product is highly appreciated by the global buyers and customers. At present we are exporting generic medicine to more than 70 countries of the world including EU and USA. This industry is booming drastically as the demand of our quality drug is increasing through out the world.

However, to be a competitive player in the global Pharmaceutical business, measures should be taken to maintain clean environment which is a crying need of the day. Implementation of effective Environmental Management System in Pharmaceutical manufacturing (both in Bulk drug and Formulation) will keep the position of this sector upward.

I strongly believe that promoting the importance of pharmaceutical sector among various stakeholders at both national and multinational levels; a crash programs on Environment Management campaign is very much essential. In this regard, we wish to strengthen the role of related ministries like- the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Environment & Forest, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and to utilize the good gesture and posture of our very strong and effective mass media to carry the message of Environmental Management at every nook and corner of the country.

Finally, I wish to congratulate the renowned APO expert Dr. A. K. Saxena from India and Prof. Dr. Md. Anisur Rahman, the Chief co-coordinator and eminent Resource person who have kindly agreed to train up our participants. I also congratulate the distinguished participants of the workshop for their active participation.

I hope that the participants will give their sincere efforts to learn as much as possible from the learned experts during the different working sessions of the workshop. We shall look forward to receiving your valuable views and recommendations with great interest.

Before concluding my remark, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to APO Society for Bangladesh for its continued support in our endeavor in promoting the activities of productivity movement at national and grass root level of Bangladesh through different packages of program.

With these few words, Ladies & Gentleman, I declare the workshop open. I wish all out success of this venture.

Thank you all, once again, for your kind attention.
Mr. Md. Jawaid Yahya, President, APO Society for Bangladesh and Chairperson of the workshop,
Dr. Major General Jahangir Sarker, Director General, Drug Administration of Bangladesh
Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Director, NPO
Dr. A. K. Saxena, APO Expert from India
Professor Dr. Md. Anisur Rahman, Chief Coordinator of the program
High Government Officials from different Organizations
Learned Resource Persons from Home and Abroad
Dear Delegates from Public & Private Sector
Member of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen
Good Afternoon

(Speech of the Chief Guest His Excellency Mr. Dilip Barua, Honorable Minister for Industries)

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