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Workshop on “Shadow Theater Therapy for Gender Justice”

UTSA believes that theatre is the most effective approach for awareness among a poor and vulnerable population. It can very successfully raise mass awareness. UTSA began its journey by establishing area based ‘Theatre Units’ to work on different socio-economical issues. These units work in remote areas of Chittagong by performing theatre based on a specific issue of the related locality. Already UTSA has completed more than 5 thousand show on social issue.

UTSA is the pioneer organization in Bangladesh on Therapeutic theatre as development approach. Through this process UTSA increased communication skill, interpersonal and personal thoughts, beliefs, conflict of different interest groups, emotional and trauma management.

We are the first organization in Bangladesh who is initiated activities to reduce cultural conflict of Bihari and Bangladeshi using this approach and successfully running the activities.

It is mentionable our team successfully responded at natural disaster as well man-made disasters to rebuild the victim and survivors confidence level and dill with their emotional difficulties and trauma management. Our recent response to Rana Plaza is a significant part of our work. As well we also refer our initiatives after Mirsorai Tragedy and natural disaster SIDR & AILA effective people.

Since 2003 every year UTSA organized “National Therapeutic Theater Workshop (NTTW)” under supervision of therapeutic theater experts from abroad. To know more about NTTW visit:

This year UTSA going to organize 12th NTTW in Dhaka & Chittagong will be held from 15th to 25th May’14.

Mr. Evan Hastings, Drama therapy & Shadow Theater therapist from USA will lead 4 workshops with different institutes under this year’s NTTW. His website address is

By last 12 years UTSA organized National Therapeutic Theater Workshops at each year under supervision of International experts to develop our team member’s skill.

Venue, date, title and participant types of the 12th NTTW’14 are is as bellows:

1)   “Shadow Theater Therapy for Gender Justice” [for theater & development activists] will be   held at Studio Theater, National Theater, National Shilpokola Academy, Dhaka.

       Dates are 15 to 16 May’14

2) “Transforming Trauma & Enacting Resilience with Shadow Theater” [ Victims & survivors of Savar tragedy only]

   Dates are 17 to 18 May’14

3) Aesthetics and Embodied Empathy in Cross Cultural Dialogue: Drama, Dance & Diversity [for AUW student only]

   Date is 19 May’14

4) “Shedding Light: Shadow Theatre Therapy” [for only rights holders adolescents of Diakonia Bangladesh supported project]

     Dates are 20 to 22 May’14

5) “Playing with Projections: Visual Metaphors in Drama Therapy” [for adults & AUW faculty]

     Dates are 23 to 25 May’14

Interested one who wants to join in “Shadow Theater Therapy for Gender Justice” workshop will be held on 15 to 16 may’14 at National Shilpokola Academy, Dhaka need to call Mr. Mukul at 01720172426. His email address is [email protected]


to join in “Playing with Projections: Visual Metaphors in Drama Therapy” workshop will be held from 23 to 25 May at Chittagong need to toke with Mr. Alam at 01716842753; His email address is [email protected],

for conformation his/her registration.

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