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The Valley

Anguilla is a small state that gained dependency since 1980. But the dependency is based on the United Kingdom. As a result, the media outlets have not grown so much in the locality. But the number of newspapers and other media outlets is able to meet the local needs.
Currently, there are two community newspapers are available. The newspapers are published in the English language. English is also the official language of the state. The local news and information are available in the newspapers. The newspapers are titled The Angullian and The light. They have wide coverage.

In line with the two community newspapers, the locals also have the chance to go through the Daily Herald. But the newspaper is not available all the time. The readers can read the newspaper from Monday to Saturday. Even more, they can also have access to another publication named The Chronicle.

The country has five AM radio stations. Alongside the AM stations, there six FM stations are available too. Most of the people love to listen to the radios for easy access.

Besides, there is a single television station is available there. The television mostly broadcast different kinds of news and information for the locals. There are some educative and entertaining shows are available too.
The press in the country is free. They can express their thought liberally. There are no bars on the media outlets.

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