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Latest News

PM orders best possible treatment for madrasa girl

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today directed health authorities to ensure best possible treatment for the madrasa girl struggling for life as a madrasa principal allegedly manifested his vengeance setting her on fire for refusing to withdraw sexual harassment charges against him. “The prime minister called me up and asked us to take steps to send her to Singapore « More »

1 crore 4G subscribers speeding along on the Grameenphone network

Within fourteen months of introducing 4G, Grameenphone Ltd. becomes the first operator in the country to cross the 1 crore 4G customer mark. Since the launch of 4G in February 2018, Grameenphone crossed the threshold of 50 lakh 4G customers in November 2018 and the latter 50 lakhjoined within only five months. The introduction of « More »

Beginners guide to email marketing

With the advancement of science and technology, the trends of marketing are changing. Earlier, people used to market their products and services using the traditional modes of advertisement. However, the scenarios are not the same now. They prefer the digital methods of marketing which are useful as well. Yes, email marketing is an excellent way « More »

Simple ways to grow your email list

Marketing is one of the most proven ways to deal with any product or service. Unless you are reaching to your potential clients, you cannot expect to have a good return for your investment. So, the entire purposes of making some profits go in vain. Hence, people of different business strata pursue various types of « More »

A Nigerian named as a recipient of Global Youth Leadership Award for 2019

Trevor Clement :: The Reality of life can sometimes be complex, but from time to time extraordinary people come and they completely reshape the narrative about a perception or prejudice people hold against other humans. Globally, there seem to be younger generation of people driving change and may appear that Africans are not left out. These crop of individuals « More »

5 Tools You Need To Start Learning A Foreign Language

Image source: Learning a new language is hard, which is why there is a huge arcade for tools and apps to aid you to do it. A number of them are in truth helpful and assists you to get up to speed rapidly, whether you are taking French lessons in Australia or Spanish in « More »

RR Kabel receives UL certificate

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the USA’s highest standardization authority, today handed over its certificate to RR KABEL, as the first ever any Bangladeshi cables manufacturer for its high quality products especially sophisticated thin charging and data cables. The USA based UL has been certifying electric and electronics companies across the world in last 120 years and « More »

Merry X-mas and other matters

I just spotted a post where a gentleman argued that as a Muslim we should not wish ‘Merry X-Mas’ and he said that if we do that then it is like doing ‘Shirok with Allah.’ I am writing this post in reference to his comment. 1. Islam is an inclusive religion. By saying merry X-Mas, « More »

Summary of Policy Review Report on WEE and UCW in South Asia

Summary of Policy Review Report on WEE and UCW in South Asia. The gendered nature and unequal burden of Unpaid Care Work (UCW) is a key challenge to attaining women’s economic empowerment (WEE) in South Asia. Given the disproportionate amount of time poor rural women in South Asia spend on Unpaid Care Work, they are unable « More »

Revenue Mobilisation: Recent Trends and Imminent Challenges

Revenue Mobilisation: Recent Trends and Imminent Challenges. The Unnayan Onneshan (UO), an independent multidisciplinary think tank, in its monthly publication of Bangladesh Economic Update November 2017 reveals that collection of NBR tax revenue falls short of target in the first four months of the current fiscal year. For the period of July–October 2017, revenue target was « More »

Chinese university to initiate Power Engineering degree in Bangladesh

Chinese university to initiate Power Engineering degree in Bangladesh, MoU signing between Lanzhou Jiaotong University and Stamford University. Bangladesh China Institute of Technology (BCIT) with collaboration of Lanzhou Jiaotong University of China is going to initiate a 4-year undergraduate Power Engineering degree at Stamford University here to create international standard engineers for fast growing huge power sector « More »

First graduated Remote Medical Scribes in Bangladesh

First graduated Remote Medical Scribes took place in Bangladesh. Augmedix Bangladesh celebrated “Augmedix Achiever’s Night” for the first graduated Remote Medical Scribes in collaboration with the LICT of the ICT Division, Govt. of Bangladesh and the MCS, University of Dhaka On 5th November 2017. The event focused on vivid vision of the company’s strategy and exciting « More »

Phone companies should compensate for phone ads

Proinsias Mac Pheadair :: Sir Frank Peters is proposing to the Minister of State, Post and Telecommunications, Tarana Halim MP, that telephone subscribers should be compensated for all SMS advertisements they receive and that all spam advertising phone calls are banned. “Telephone companies in Bangladesh seem to think they have the right to bombard their subscribers « More »

Foreign Minisrty clarifies Bangladesh position on Catalonia

The External Publicity Wing of Foreign Ministry issued a statement today to explain Bangladesh position on Catalonia. The statement is as follows : Bangladesh and Spain enjoy friendly bilateral relations, which continues to develop further in various fields based on shared values for the principle of mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity « More »

Doze Internet now at Mymensingh

After Dhaka, Chittagong & Comilla Doze Internet is now in Mymensingh with its excellent internet services. On this note, Online Mymensingh and SSD-Tech signed a partnership agreement on 1st October, 2017. Riyad Mahbub, Head, Online Mymensingh, Mahbubul Matin, Chairman, SSD-Tech, Hasan Mehdi, CEO, SSD-Tech, Mohiuddin Rasti Morshed, CEO, Mind Initiative and higher officials from both « More »