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The media outlets of Antigua and Barbuda are remarkable. Despite being the part of the Caribbean islands, the territories have a strong media environment. The media outlets are made of newspaper, radio and television.

The region gained independence during 198s, and since then the media outlets are operational. The government does not have any remarkable interference on the media platforms. As a result, the outlets are able to run their operation smoothly. But the outlets are aware of some issues. They never publish or broadcast any matters which may bring defame to the government or the state. Self-Censorship is on in the country. This is also helping the outlets to continue their operation without any trouble.

The newspaper in the country delivers the most important news and information. It contains the story of every day. Besides, the readers also can know about the news and happenings around the world. The literacy rate is higher in the country. So, many of the people love to read the newspaper in the early part of their day.

The television channels are accessible across the country. They broadcast different types of news and entertaining events for the audience. The shows are also attractive most of the time. Some of the shows are highly addictive too.

The radio broadcast is another usual source of information to the people in the country. In fact, radio is the most used and accessible communication tool for everyone. Several public and private radio stations are under operation in the state.

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