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The media outlets in Aruba are lively. A remarkable number of media outlets were under operation in the country. The outlets include newspaper, magazines, television, and radio. Besides, the applications of the internet are also seen in the present days.
The official language of the country is Dutch. So, the majority of the outlets use the Dutch language to publish and broadcast. However, some of the outlets come with English for a broader audience in the country.

The print media have their freedom to express their opinions. The government has a liberal policy for the print media outlets. As a result, they can publish different types of sensational news and information as well. When this is about the criticism of the government, they also do not need to think for the second time to publish the information. But they maintain a sense of self-censorship.

On the other part, the broadcast media also enjoy similar benefits. But they have some more attractive things for the audience. The broadcast media is available across the country. They broadcast different types of news and information of varied interests. The television programs are educative and entertaining too.

The radio outlets are also available across the nation. They are also the primary sources of information to the locals. They contain a vast number of news and information for the audience. Currently, there are two radio stations are under operation in Aruba.

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