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Bermuda is a British overseas state in the North Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Hamilton.
The first newspaper of Bermuda was The Bermuda Gazette in 1784 by Joseph Stockdale and by his three daughters. It was a weekly newspaper it was in the Bermudian English language. Bermuda has many newspapers, and they publish almost all kinds of news.
The updated list of newspapers in Bermuda includes Bernews, The Royal Gazette, Worker’s Voice. The previously published newspapers are The Bermuda Gazette, Bermuda Sun, Mid-Ocean News. Besides, Bermuda has, and that is ‘Bernews.’
Bermuda introduced television in 1958. The television stations operate from the capital of Bermuda. These are the station that is well-known to people- Channel 7: ZFB TV, Channel 9: ZBM TV and Channel 11: VSB TV.
Radio stations are the easiest way to listen to your favorite music. The oldest radio station in Bermuda was ZBR (call-sign). It was a weather radio station which was working under the government of Bermuda. Other well-known streaming radio station in Bermuda are Bermuda Spirit, BBC World Service, Government of Bermuda Emergency Measures Organization Information, Ocean 89, Magic 102.7, HOTT 107.5, Vibe 103.
Bermuda is a very internet accessed island, and it is considered one of the most wired islands in the world. More than 75% of people in Bermuda uses the internet and internet users in Bermuda are 69,126. If you are looking for WIFI internet access to surf the web or to check emails, there are plenty of options in Bermuda. There are several paid WIFI connections and internet cafes.
Some of the prominent internet service providers of Bahamas include- VSAT Satellite Services, CableVision Internet: Existing Customer, CableVision Internet: New Customers, Converged SIP & Data Unlimited 1 Year Term, Converged SIP & Data Unlimited 2 Year Term, Converged SIP & Data Unlimited 3 Year Term, SIP ONLY Limited 1 Year contract, SIP ONLY Limited 2 Year contract, SIP ONLY Limited 3 Year contract, Broadband Link by Bermuda Cablevision, Broadband Link by Bermuda Cablevision (Standalone option), BTC Internet Alone, Digicel Internet (7 possibilities), Internet Access Phone by Bermuda Telephone Company, Internet by LOGIC, TBi Residential Internet, Small Business Internet + Access Bundles, SOHO Broadband Service etc.
In Bermuda, telecommunication includes newspapers, television, radio, and internet etc. Bermuda is much eminent in the use of telecom of the world. Almost all kind of people on this island uses the advantages of telecommunication. By this, Bermuda will gain prosperity and also will be more improved like the other advanced countries.

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