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France has more or less similar types of media like print, electronic and broadcast media. There are about 86 types of newspapers with total ad receipts of 1,784 (Euro millions), 584 television stations and 24,800,000 TV sets and 55,300,000 Radio receivers.

Among all the media, Television is the most popular media in France. There are about 2,662,280 cable subscribers. The survey says Television consumption by the French people is 193 minutes per day. There is both public and privately-owned broadcaster. The public broadcasters are funded from the TV license fee and advertising revenue and the private broadcasters are funded by the flagship network, TF1. Some channels are broadcasted in French, some in English. There is a global news channel called France 24 TV which broadcasts in French, English, and Arabic. Other channels are BFM TV, La Chaine Info, TV5 Monde etc.

Looks like the French people also love to listen to the radio as their daily consumption of radio is 191 minutes. Some radio stations operate national and regional outlets, others are international broadcasters and relays news, speech, music etc. Some of them are Radio France, Radio France Internationale(RFI), RTL, NRJ etc.

When it comes to reading newspapers, French people are the least interested whether it is sports or economic newspaper. Only 164 out of a thousand are newspaper readers and the consumption is 30 minutes per day. It is no longer a source of information for the French people. Still, there are several press media like Le Monde, Liberation, Le Figaro etc.
Although the number of individuals with internet access in France is 8,500,000, social media usage in France is very low. This is because the French government actively discourages its use. They even banned the use of words such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ from French TV and radio stations because they believe and state that to mention those social media channels gives them an unfair promotion above other social media channels. Still, social media is gaining popularity and the main audience is people aged from 18 to 24 years old. Facebook is the second most popular site and accounts for 90% of French social media usage. Also, there are Twitter, Skyrock,, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

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