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Media of Iraq underwent several transitions in past and now it is in a stable state. The media consists of print, television, radio and online media. The number of television and radio stations have increased in the present days and those are broadcast in different local and international language.

The Media in Iraq has experienced several phases. The government of Saddam Hussain was a bit suppressive to the media. The media activities were restricted and controlled to some extent. Only a single news agency was under operation named – Iraqi News Agency. The news agency was the way of government to publish its own issues. Other media activities were barred.

Moreover, the use of Satellite dishes was also banned in the country. The Information Ministry was authorized to check the media activities. The state-owned newspapers, television channels, and radio stations played the role of media in the country. The journalists became the most vulnerable section of the society. There had been no laws to protect them if they somehow violated the law or expressed something restricted.

The broadcast media in Iraq bloomed to some extent after the US invasion of the country. the earlier ban on satellite dishes was removed. As a result, the number of television channels and radio stations increased in the country. Besides, the newspapers also experienced an expansion and they were published and distributed in different parts of the country.

Formation of newer news agencies and newspapers challenged the former news agency that played the role of government’s mouthpiece. Different international broadcast and news agencies opened their branches in Iraq and media became lively and operational than ever before.

Approximately 25 newspapers are operational in Iraq. The newspapers are published in different local and international language. They are published in different form as well as dailies, weeklies and even there are monthly newspapers are also available in Iraq. The contents of the newspapers deal with numerous types of issues including politics, entertainment, local news, economy etc. Besides, few newspapers play the frontier role of some political parties as well.

The number of radio users in Iraq is notable. The radios are operated from different parts of the country. The radio stations run both in private and public initiative. They are named following some specific features. Almost all the radio stations have their independent operation. The basic growth of radio in Iraq mostly began after 2003. The radios broadcast numerous types of shows, events, bulletins etc. The radios are available in both local and international languages too.

Both public and private initiatives have their operation in the television broadcast. In fact, television is the greatest source of entertainment for the Iraqis. They enjoy various types of shows on the television. At present, over 15 television channels are operational in Iraq.

The online media has become an important source of gathering information for the local people of Iraq. The number of online newspapers is significant and they are published in several languages including English and Arabic. A wide number of readers are available across the country of such media.

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