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Luxembourg City

Their media services aren’t just consumed by the people of Luxembourg, but also by the people of other nations such as France, Germany, and the UK. The media of Luxembourg is also quite important to Europe. It has Europe’s largest satellite operator, the SES. There are programs of the radio of Luxembourg that the British audiences are quite fond of. One thing is the constitution absolutely guarantees freedom of speech, press and of expression and the effort to establish these are quite evident by the state. It has 3 newspapers operating, 2 major television channels, and 4 radio stations. Its media policy is quite on the liberal side and the landscape for media is quite diverse. Work security, conditions and other factors concerning the journalists and people in the media sector are quite well ensured to be well maintained. It’s supposed to have an open environment for all media, to ensure transparency and to make it ideal for other nations to follow too. In practice, the state does its best to ensure that. Over 70 percent of the population have complete unrestricted access to the internet. Although the newspapers are all privately owned and have their own content to run, without any kind of influence from the government or control, except that the government does help run the papers with financial support to keep them afloat. There’s an independent press council to ensure that the media services run smoothly. All in all, it does give a sense of openness about the whole media landscape, somewhat representing as an idol, for other nations to take notes from.

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