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The media outlets in the islands have not shined like the other places in the world. There are several reasons behind this media failure and the most important thing is that this is a minor island. The local populations are not that much interested in media outlets. And this has happened for the natural environment of the surrounding areas. The people are too much busy with their respective tasks. So, they are not in need of the media.

Besides, the media outlets have no such space to establish their outlets in this islands. Each of the islands is smaller and accommodates around 50 people. So, it would be not profitable for the media outlets to establish their wings in the island. They will have almost no audience here which could make them feel interested to settle in the islands.

Since there are no media outlets, there are no issues of censorship or media freedom. The government need not monitor the media outlets. And this is a type of relief for the government that it does not need to spend much for the media outlets.

The majority of the population here are contract workers who work for different services of the government.

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