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Although it’s a tiny state, its media outreach is very vast and powerful. Mostly powered by other foreign states, still, it has a good presence in the media sector to flaunt the beauty and majestic appeal of the beautiful country to attract tourists and rich people. Although an odd thing about the state is that it has just one daily newspaper and a weekly from the government journal and a news website.

When it comes to listening to the radio, it doesn’t consist of any FM radio station in the vicinity of the small country, although it does have just an AM station serving the entire population. About the local television channels, there’s only five television station in this country and two internet service provider.

There is virtually no conflict in the country and most of the news consists of life around the country and its lifestyle. It’s all mostly entertainment related services. The country’s inhabitants have quite easy access to the internet and around 60 percent or more of the people use the internet mainly.

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