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Latest News

France signs on to Pacific Whale Declaration

France signs on to Pacific Whale Declaration. France has demonstrated its commitment towards the conservation of whales through the signing of the Pacific islands Year of the Whale Declaration during the Twelfth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wildlife (CMS COP12). France now joins Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji,   Read More…»

Daily Sun steps into eight yrs promising courageous journalism

Daily Sun steps into eight yrs promising courageous journalism. English newspaper the Daily Sun on Tuesday stepped into eighth year of publication with a new promise of bringing ‘innovation’ in news producing as well as courageous journalism. The daily is celebrating its seventh anniversary with two-day programme and publishing special supplement. Its’ should be mentioned that   Read More…»

Rights of River & Right to River

The rivers around the country are being filled up or being encroached upon in such a manner that is threatening the very existence of human habitation. Bangladesh is also destroying its surface and ground water by throwing waste into water bodies and over extracting ground water. In the future, the growing world population, further spread   Read More…»

Bangladesh PM condolence at deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas

PM condolence at deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina offered profound condolence at the tragic loss of more than fifty lives in a mindless and deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas Monday. In a message of condolence to US President Donald J. Trump shortly after the dastardly incident, the Prime Minister conveyed   Read More…»