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The traditional media outlets in Algeria is formed with print, broadcast and online media. And in Algeria, the media outlets are considered one of the freest media across the region. There were some issues during the 1990s but at present, those troubles are not prevailing anymore. The media outlets had some bad reputations in those days in the Arab worlds, and that mostly happen for some controversial issues. But the media outlets have removed those bad names with its sincerity and quality contents.

In Algeria, the media outlets are free to do anything they want. But there is some self-censorship prevailing there. The media outlets are supposed to follow some specific rules and regulations while publishing or broadcasting. The government has provisions for penalizing the media outlets or their owners with imprisonment or monetary fine in case of issues like the violation of state secrecy. The government also wants that the press should abide by the state laws. In fact, they are not allowed to criticize the government or military officials. But the press freedom is ensured in the country and a remarkable number of different media outlets are operating there without any trouble after 2000.

The development of media outlets in the country took place in several phases and during this time, a good number of outlets have appeared. The journalism in the country reached a new height. Restrictions were lifted up from the media outlets.

The government of the country wants that mass media should be under the control of the state to maintain a balance in the country. Since the country has refused many of the contemporary theories for the state’s ruling, there were chances that the mass media might create a situation that will lead to an anarchy. Earlier, it was almost impossible for journalists to conduct investigative journalism in the country and the print media was under complete government control. Even, print newspapers were published by the government.

The number of newspapers in the country is over 40 and half of them are printed in the Arabic language. Besides, there is some English language newspapers are also available in the country. They provide a wide range of news and information to the people. The readership of newspapers is also remarkable. But the print contents are checked by the government authorities before publication.

There are 40 television channels broadcasting their shows, events and other programs in the country. A majority of them are privately owned. Some of the channels broadcast commercial news and events too. And most importantly, all of them run a 24-hour operation. The number of audiences is also huge. The broadcast outlets use different language for their operation including English.

The exact number of radio stations is yet to calculate but there are three national radio stations are under operation. Besides, there are some other regional radios are also available in the country and they operate from their respective regions.

The use of the internet is notable in the country. Almost all the majority of the newspapers have their online presence. And they regularly update their own websites. A good number of visitors visit those newspaper websites regularly.

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