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The media outlets in the Chad Republic is made of broadcast, print and online outlets. The country’s media outlets are suffering from government control. The government, like the other African nations, interfere with the media outlets and want the media contents should be according to the government rules and regulations. The media outlets are unable to express their opinions freely. The country is bordered by some other nations like Sudan, Cameroon, Libya among others. And the number of population is remarkable. Despite the natural resources in the country, it is still in a poor state and thus the media outlets are not flourished like the other lands.

The impoverished people are affected by the civil war and have less attention on media. The internal conflicts are the key reasons for creating an unrest across the country and the media outlets become the sufferer. And this is extremely difficult for journalists to dig out news and reports of varied interests.

The media outlets use different types of languages but the primary language is Arabic while some of them use English for broadcast and publication of some specific events and news. The media contents mostly focus on general information and violence among the rivalry groups. The criticism of the government is extremely unwelcome.

The rate of literacy is poor in the country and so, people are reluctant to read newspapers in printed forms. So, broadcast media outlets like radio have gained a huge popularity. On the other side, the ownership of media outlets goes mostly to the government while there are some private media outlets are existing as well. At present, the government controls two newspapers directly and a weekly is also attached to the government. But the other media outlets also need to go through the censorship before publication.

In fact, the opportunities of freedom of expression are not available in the country because of the dangerous political and overall climate. The penalties for the law violation are serious and even the journalists are even jailed for violating the local rules and norms, particularly criticizing the government policies what so ever it is. Moreover, the mistreatment from the government is also available to the media outlets. Besides, it is hard to manage a license for the press if it is private and once they obtain the license, they criticize the government ignoring the punitive measures.

The media outlets practice self-censorship. The journalists and editors are highly aware of the matter. And to preserve their positions, they never break the censorship unless there is an emergency.

Around 20 newspapers are under operation in Chad. The print media outlets are published in local languages and they provide a general information and overview of all the matters. The media outlets also strictly maintain the self-censorship issue and never leaks any matters that could appear as a threat to the state.

Currently, three television channels are available across the country and one of them is owned by the state. The television channels broadcast their shows and events in different African Language. But television is not accessible to everyone in the country.

Twelve radio stations are available in the country and they operate in diversified languages. Being the most popular form of media outlet, the radio stations have a wide number of shows and event targeting different groups of audience.

The use of the internet is not so much available and so the online media outlets have not grown to a satisfactory extent. Although the online media outlets have their presence in the country, they are unable to compete with the other types of media outlets in the country.

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