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The number of media outlets in the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros is lower than its neighbors. The country is surrounded by the African coast and some other countries but this is made with three islands and islets. The media outlets in the country could not shine since after its independence in 1975. The political instability in the country is a key reason for the failure of the media outlets. In fact, the media outlets are fewer in number and it is expected that the situation will be improved.

The usual media outlet of the country is made with newspaper, radio, and television. But the number of each of the outlets is lower than any other countries of the world. The media freedom and freedom of expression are respected in the country. But at some points, the media outlets have to experience some negative impacts. When this is a state issue or emergency, the available media outlets are not allowed to make generalized comments or remarks. The government expects some authentic information from the media outlets.

The rate of literacy is higher in the country than the neighboring states and so the readership of the newspaper is larger here. The media outlets, especially the print media outlets have a good readership. Most of the media outlets try to entertain people and readers with innovative types of news and information like news on business reports, events, national and international events etc. Besides, the newspapers are not regularly published in the country rather they come on a weekly basis.

A couple of languages are available in the country and the media outlets use almost all the languages to print or broadcast the media contents. French is a common language in the country and some of the media outlets also apply the language while broadcasting.

Although media freedom is ensured by the government, they are not practiced in most cases. The government has some restrictions on the media outlet. The journalists and media outlets who do not follow the restriction become the subject to state repression. Earlier, there are evidence that the journalists have been arrested for their alleged violation of the government restrictions.

The application of radio as a media outlet is popular in the country. The radio broadcast is done using different local languages like Swahili, Arabic, English, and French. This is, in fact, a great source for the people to know about the world and national issues.

At present, the number of print media outlets is only seven and one of them is owned by the state. The government-owned newspaper is published within an interval. The print media outlets mostly contain news and views on different issues. But they are aware of the censorship issue. In fact, a self-censorship is imposed on the media outlets prevails in the industry particularly for the print media outlets. Initially, the press circulation was very low but now the situations have changed to some extent.

In 2001, a television station was set up in the country and that was the very first national television station in the state. Another private television channel set up is underway and might start operation within a short time. The state television mostly shows the government initiative and some other programs. The television programs are broadcast using the local languages of the country.

Radio is a popular media outlet here and there are a couple radio stations are available. People of all spheres of the society have their access to the radio. The radio broadcasts include a wide number of shows and events. And they operate their programs round the clock. But the information broadcast from the radio is also filtered and it is ensured that there is no anti-state information is broadcast.



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