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The media outlets of the Republic of the Congo is formed with print and broadcast media. But the media outlets could not bloom like the modern world because of underdevelopment of the country. There are few other factors also have contributed to this failure in media outlets. The government restriction is a prime cause of the media failure. The widespread illiteracy is also largely responsible for this issue. the government has imposed restrictions on some specific matters. The media outlets are not allowed to publish or broadcast certain types of news and information. The political power does not allow to be criticized by the media despite their negative attributes to the country and society.

The government has some certain policies for media outlets. When the media outlets publish or broadcast something unwanted, the government takes punitive measures against them. due to the repressive attitude from the government, they are unable to exercise their thought and other issues freely. In fact, the media freedom is not ensured in the country. The media outlets are not free at all. They are subject to domination and punishment from the government’s side when they want to publish something that goes beyond the government favor.

Sometimes, the journalists get different types of threats and punishment. Often they are physically assaulted and detained by the government forces. Even there are examples of killing journalists as well for petty reasons. But the media outlets are continuing their activities amid such turbulence in the country. Some of the newspapers often carry the opposition views as well in line with the government view to make a comparison. But such matters often spark debates.

Many of the media outlets in the country run privately. But the owners have their own connection with the large political parties. So, they sometimes enjoy some special favor in some terms. But in gross, they are also subject to government repression when they violate the limit set by the government. So, often they are to maintain a self-censorship on the news and other types of publications.

Access to all types of media outlets is not ensured for everyone. In fact, the country has a poor literacy rate and for this reason, most of the people are reluctant to read the newspaper. So, the newspapers authorities are a bit trouble with the low readership in the country. on the other side, radio is a popular form of media in the country. This is accessible to almost everyone and has different variations in terms of programs and shows. But television is not so much popular like the radio stations. In fact, the television audiences are available only in the towns. They do not have coverage across the country like the radio stations.

Currently, there are five print media outlets are available across the county and they provide news and information of different tastes. They are mostly published in French language and the use of English is not recognizable at all. The media outlets maintain some censorship for their survival. The circulation of the print media outlets is limited to some certain areas of the country.

Four television channels are under operation in the nation and they provide entertainment to the audiences. Most of them carefully avoid the controversial issues. They actually do not want to get involved in troubles. And the broadcast is also limited in city areas of the country only.

But the case of radio as broadcast media is different. Radio is available across the country and the greatest source of enjoyment for the people. They get news and necessary information using the radio. Besides, some foreign radio stations are also broadcast through this media.

The use of the internet is not so much noticeable in the country. In fact, the use is limited to some social communication purposes alone.

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