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The media outlets in Egypt is influential in the country and in the surrounding nations. The audience of this outlets are larger and enjoys a great freedom. But to some extent, the media outlets are subject to restriction. They cannot express all the things they want always. But the situation is far better than the neighboring states regarding media freedom. The constitution of the country ensures media freedom and it is respected in many extents.

The media outlets of the country consist of print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. They come with different shows, events, and programs to entertain people and make them aware. The media outlets cover a wide number of people and the majority of them are highly educated. So, the media outlets are able to get the attention of the readers and audiences. Hence, the media outlets try to provide the best possible contents to the audiences and also try to maintain transparency with the audience in terms of contents and authenticity.

The country is dominated by the state-run and private media outlets. The state-run media outlets are dominated by the government and always backs the president while the private media outlets do not practice similar attitudes. But some of the media outlets which are not loyal to the president or have less favorable to the state are closed down. And some of such media outlets are operating from out of the country.

The media freedom issue has been a concern since 2011. The government tried to control the media outlets in their favor. But when they failed to do so, they imposed a media restriction. The freedom of press became obstructed. And when the media outlets try expressing something troublesome for the government, the experiences are not happier for them. Actually, the situation is like with hunting when there are news and information about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Television plays the most important role in the country as it is accessible by almost all types of people. The televisions mostly provide entertaining news and shows for the audience. And they are highly influential as well in the country for their content and presentation styles. Like the televisions, the newspapers are also influential in some cases and they provide some generalized information to the audience. The use of the internets is remarkable in the country. People use the internet regularly to know about the latest updates about myriad issues.

Around 50 newspapers are currently under operation in the county. And mostly four languages, including English, is used to publish the newspapers. Some of the newspapers are regional and they provide the local contents for their audience. The national dailies try to focus on the latest happenings of the country with sincerity. Besides, there are some weeklies published in the country as well but the number is not so enriched like the dailies.

Ninety-eight television stations are currently broadcasting across Egypt. They come in different languages and run round the day. Most of the television channels broadcast a wide range of programs and events of varied interests. This is the greatest source of entertainment for the local people of Egypt. They also run some commercial events and programs for their operation and bearing the expenses.

There are 59 radio stations available in Egypt and they run in different languages. The regional radios are the best one for the local people and they broadcast a wide array of news and information for their audiences. In fact, radio is a remarkable source of entertainment for people in underprivileged areas.

The internet is accessible to a large group of people. And so the rise of online-based media outlets is noticeable. The users of the internet are mostly the young people but with the passage of time, the adults are also tending to the internet to know about the world and surrounding happenings.

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