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The Gambia is a small land and surrounded by several other nations. The media outlets of the country are made with broadcast, print and electronic media. The media outlets in the country are controlled by the government. And the president is highly serious about the matter of media control. In fact, the president is less favorable to media outlets when they come with his criticism. So, the media outlets are aware of the fact and to survive in the country, they do not provide any news and information which could go against the president.
Since this is a small country and has fewer populations than its neighbors, the number of readerships is lower. The media outlets have not bloomed in the country like the neighboring countries for many reasons. The country is bordered by Senegal. The number of total population is over one million only. This is might be the prime cause of the media outlet decline. Besides, the use of language is also limited in the county. English is rarely used here as a mode of communication. The other indigenous languages are mostly used for communication. So, when the programs are broadcast on television, they use the local languages.
Though the media freedom is guaranteed by the state constitution, the majority of the media outlets do not enjoy the right of expression. Often there is government interference on the media houses. So, they are unable to express the right information before the audience. Often they are threatened with removal of license and other penalties. So, journalists have imposed a self-censorship on them. They keep a safe distance from the news and information that goes against the government policies. As it is said before, the ruling president is highly sensitive on this issue and he has some of his own policies which he maintains strictly.
Attempts have been taken to establish a National Media Commission but that has not been materialized for protest against the issue from the journalist community. All the media association protested against the establishment. Still, the issue is under development in the country. The journalists are against the establishment because if such a body forms, they will have to be the sufferer. The journalists are often questioned about many important issues which they publish in the media outlets.
The opposition figures always try to use the media as their tool to scratch the president and the ruling party. So, often there are some cold clashes between the ruling and opposition parties. Such issues often become the hot topic of the country. The majority of the media outlets provide generalized information about a wide number of issues.
At present there around 10 newspapers are being published in the country and they come with the local languages. Some of them are dailies while the others are published on an irregular basis. English is rarely used in the newspapers and the readership is relatively lower. The print media outlets always maintain the self-censorship for their survival.
The country has a single national terrestrial television channel and it serves across the nation. The television channel provides all the necessary elements for the recreation of the mass people. In fact, this is a great source of entertainment for the people in the Gambia. The broadcast media in the Gambia could not shine like the other countries and it also follows the censorship.
The Gambia has a national and a couple of private radio station to broadcast news and information. The radio stations are often used to broadcast some important notice and circular from the government. And this is accessible by anyone in the country.
The use of the internet is not so much prevalent in the country. Only a limited number of people have their access to the internet and they use the internet for their social communication only.

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